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Focus Peripheral Integration

Microchip is an industry leader by continually investing and expanding upon the PIC® microcontroller line-up. Emphasis is persistently focused on reducing costs while developing products with a strong mix of peripherals such as LCD drive, PWM, ADC, comparators, timers and communication. Beyond standard peripherals, Microchip is constantly bringing additional value to PIC microcontrollers by developing unique and exclusive peripherals. These unique peripherals allow embedded lighting engineers to simplify their designs and create ever more creative applications and products. This innovation is demonstrated by some of the following PIC microcontroller integrated peripherals.

Peripheral Summary
PeripheralCapabilityProduct Integration
(HRPWM) High Resolution PWMHigh speed >17-bit PWM resolutionAll PIC microcontrollers with NCO & CLC
(PSMC) Programmable Switch Mode ControllerAdvanced, customizable high speed 16-bit PWM modulePIC16F178x Family
(COG) Complementary Output GenerationEnhanced non-overlapping waveform generatorPIC12F752, PIC16F753
(CWG) Complementary Waveform GenerationNon-overlapping waveform generatorPIC10F32x Family, PIC16F150x Family
(NCO) Numerically Controlled OscillatorIndustry’s most precise, linear, low-cost 20-bit PWMPIC10F32x Family, PIC16F150x Family
(CLC) Configurable Logic CellIntegrated combinational & sequential logicPIC10F32x Family, PIC16F150x Family

High Resolution PWM (HRPWM)

Conventional PWM versus HRPWM

Conventional PWM
PWM Resolution
PWM Clock Frequency
16 MHz
Target Switching Frequency
500 kHz
500 kHz
Target Period Width
1 ÷ 500 kHz =2 µs
1 ÷ 50 0kHz =2 µs
Best PWM Pulse Adjustment
1 ÷ 16 MHz =62.5 ns
15.26 ps **
Maximum # of Steps per Period
2 µs ÷ 62.5 ns =32
2µs ÷ 15.26 ps =131,072
EffectiveFull Range PWM Resolution
log232 =5 bits
log2131,072 =17 bits
** Reference Application Note

Programmable Switch Mode Controller (PSMC)

  • Single 16-bit PWM with up to 6 steerable outputs
  • Complementary 16-bit PWM with up to 3 steerable output pairs
  • Clock sources: external, system clock, independent 64 MHz oscillator
  • Input sources: comparators, external pins
  • Blanking control for transient filtering
  • Independent rising/falling edge control
  • Dead band with independent rise and fall control
  • Polarity control/auto shutdown and restart
  • Flexible PWM output modes
  • Burst Mode – externally control activate/deactivate

Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG) Complementary Output Generator (COG)

  • Provides non-overlapping complementary waveform
  • Various input sources inclusive of: Comparators, PWM, CLC, NCO
  • Blanking control for transient filtering (COG only)
  • Phase control for output delay (COG only)
  • Independent rise and fall
  • Dead band control
  • Auto shutdown/restart
  • Polarity control

Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO)

  • 20-bit PWM frequency resolution with linear control
  • Independent 16 MHz clock input
  • 16b numeric frequency control
    • – 500 kHz max output
    • – 15 Hz per step
  • 2 output modes
    • Fixed 50% Duty Cycle (FDC)
    • Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM)

Configurable Logic Cell (CLC)

  • User configurable real time logic control
    • CLC configuration GUI for quick turn development
  • Combinational Logic Functions
  • State Functions/Clock
    • D Flip-Flop, JK Flip-Flop D Latch, SR Latch
  • Input sources
    • Pins
    • Peripherals
  • Output available to:
    • External pins
    • Other peripherals
  • Operation while in Sleep
  • Configurable via custom GUI