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Data and Video Equalizers, Repeaters, Transmitters and Transceivers

Solutions for High-Speed Data and Video Transmission Over Copper Cables

Designers of a variety of applications that incorporate high-resolution camera systems or require high-speed data networking need solutions that can meet the advanced requirements of delivering digital content over common and low-cost coaxial (coax) cables at higher speeds and longer distances. Our portfolio of data and video equalizers, repeaters, transmitters and transceivers provides you with flexible options for increasing data rates, using longer cables and transmitting video, power and control signals over standard coax cables in your designs.

CoaXPress® Technology Solutions for Your High-Speed Digital Imaging Applications

Offering unprecedented speed, performance and flexibility, our family of CoaXPress 1.1 and 2.0 equalizers, transmitters and transceivers help you keep pace with the precise imaging, power and control requirements of leading-edge industrial, embedded and machine vision applications. All our CoaXPress 2.0 devices are backward compatible with our CoaXPress 1.1 devices, and all our CoaXPress 2.0 transceivers are pin-to-pin compatible for design flexibility.

What Are the Challenges of Delivering High-Speed Digital Imaging Over Coax Cables?

Signal degradation increases as serial data communication speeds also increase, making it difficult to send high-speed digital signals over long distances at low power. Good equalization technology is needed to allow high-speed digital imaging systems to achieve greater speeds and much longer distances over coaxial cables. This especially important as cables wear over time due to flexing and environmental conditions. High-speed cable drivers are required to ensure that a transmitted signal is robust and can be delivered from end to end.

We Offer These Solutions for Your Design

Equalizers (Receivers)


Our auto-adaptive coaxial cable video equalizers enable the signal recovery performance to automatically adapt to compensate for different cable lengths, varying temperatures, system aging and other factors. They support simultaneous video downlink, uplink for camera control and power over a single coaxial cable and are designed for the lowest-achievable power consumption to reduce the amount of wasted energy and unwanted heat within systems.

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Transmitters (Drivers)


Our cable drivers enable frequency separation on a single copper cable to allow video, control and power signals to be transmitted simultaneously without interference.

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Transceivers (Equalizers/ Transmitters/Repeaters)


Our transceivers are chipsets consisting of a transmitter that is integrated into a camera and an equalizer that is integrated into the frame grabber on the system head end. Our single-chip transceiver devices also feature integrated Clock-Data-Recovery (CDR), which enables them to also be used as cable extenders/repeaters. Real-time cable link signal integrity test capability ensures link quality at all times and  low-frequency clock recovery for camera-side devices.

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Target Applications

Video cameras are used for digital image processing systems in many industries. Find out how our solutions are meeting the imaging challenges in these key applications:

  • Machine Vision
  • Factory Automation
  • Security and Surveillance

Supported Protocols

We offer solutions that are compatible with these networking protocols, depending on the requirements of your specific application:

  • CoaXPress® Technology
  • HD-SDI