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Embedded Graphics Introduction

Graphical user interfaces, or GUIs, are an essential part of many human-machine interface (HMI) design. Visual controls and data communication are important not only to enhance ease of use, but also to instill confidence of the end user in the machine as well as confer brand promise and tie-in to other instances of brand communication.

Because everyone’s GUI design needs are not the same, Microchip offers product that support three different design paradigms (as seen in the table below): fully integrated, external controller, and Low-Cost Controllerless (LCC).

Integrated Graphics ControllerLow Cost Controllerless GraphicsExternal Controller
DisplayWVGA 800x480 (24 Bpps)WVGA 800x480WVGA 800x480
GraphicsHW acceleration, 2D Graphics rendering, Multi layer, Animation, SpritesGraphics Functionality via Software and onboard DMAHW Acceleration; SD card, I/F, JPEG Engine
Frame BufferUp to 640KB + DDR2 Interface + 32MB internal DRAMUp to 512 KB on MCUOnboard frame buffer depends on the external controller
BenefitsFully Integrated Graphics CapabilitiesFully Integrated Reduced Graphics CapabilitiesMulti-chip Solution with moderate to high Graphics capabilities