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Design Partners

Graphics Design Partner Specialists

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The following companies have proven graphics design expertise as verified by Microchip’s Graphics experts. Please contact any of these companies for design services and support of your graphics project needs.

Design PartnerLocation(s)Contact Information
Alpha Resources Ohio, USAalpha@insight.rr.com
(614) 245-4059
AVID Technologies, Inc. Ohio, USArickb@avid-tech.com
(330) 487-0770
BGM Michigan, USAjmazur@bgmeng.com
(586) 532-8670
Dave Engineering Missouri, USAdavejones@daveengineering.com
(314) 283-7409
DigiZap Solutions, LLC Ohio, USAengineer@digizapsolutions.com
(614) 389-3022
Displaytech California, USAterry@displaytech-us.com
(760) 918-6722
TechToys Company Hong Kongjohn@techtoys.com.hk
(852) 28576267
Texon Industrial Inc. Texas, USAbkwong@texon-industrial.com