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Home/Building Automation

The shift toward greater efficiency and energy savings within homes is driving the rapid adoption of a new kind of networked smart home control system. Central to this system is a smart home/building controller gateway that connects to and manages multiple home platforms such as appliances, lighting, security system, HVAC and others. The controller integrates wired and wireless network technologies, both of which are pervasive in today’s homes and buildings. The wired networking is typically based on Ethernet. A low-end controller mostly provides a single wired network connection that is enabled using an Ethernet PHY device, while a high-end smart home controller provides multiple wired network connections that are enabled using an Ethernet switch device.

Microchip offers a broad, industry-leading portfolio of 10/100 Mbps and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet PHY and switch solutions that are high-performance, application feature optimized, and have small footprints. With additional support from our innovative EtherGREEN™ and EtherSynch® platforms, Microchip provides flexible options to minimize power consumption while enabling superior timing synchronization performance for emerging smart home control applications.

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