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Broadband Gateway

Increased demand for high-quality voice, video, and data is the driving force behind the need for more network bandwidth. Users demand reliable and robust network infrastructure systems that provide them with fast download speeds and real-time, high-definition voice and video. A broadband gateway is a networking device that is used to connect devices to the Internet or other WAN.


Two types of gateways are primarily used today, these are based on DSL or Cable modem broadband technology. A DSL gateway connects users to a DSL network and enables converged voice and data services,while a cable modem connects users to a cable modem network. For both types of these gateways, Ethernet plays a key role in enabling the essential network connectivity.

Microchip offers a broad, industry-leading portfolio of 10/100 Mbps and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet PHY and switch solutions that are high-performance, application feature optimized, and have a small footprint. With additional support of our innovative EtherGREEN™ and EtherSynch® platforms, this provides flexible options to minimize power consumption while enabling superior timing synchronization performance for emerging broadband gateway applications.

ung diag broadband gateway