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Embedded Controllers

Manage Your Embedded System with One Chip

Embedded Controllers (EC) are essential components to most modern-day computing systems. They control peripherals and manage key system functions in a low-power, high-performance package.

Configurable Control

configurable control
  • I/O Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Power Distribution
  • Keyboard Control
  • Boot Up Control

Transition to eSPI with Confidence

transition espi confidence
  • Pioneered eSPI Host Interface with Industry Partners
  • Validated and Applied by Intel and AMD
  • Offers solutions for LPC designs, eSPI designs, and everything in between


embedded controllers
  • Notebooks and Tablets
  • Industrial PCs
  • Data Center Systems
  • POS Terminals & Kiosks
  • Any Intel or AMD Platform

Featured Families


  • Embedded Flash
  • 32-Bit ARC 625D Core
  • Fail-Safe Thermal Monitoring


  • Full Support for eSPI and LPC
  • MIPS M14K Core
  • Flexible 1.8 V & 3.3V Support
  • Scalable SRAM Solutions


  • Full Support for eSPI and LPC
  • ARM Cortex M4F Core
  • Full Cryptography Suite
  • Full Functionality over 1.8 V