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Automotive SuperFlash® Memory

If your automotive application requires a serial or parallel Flash memory solution that offers superior performance, excellent data retention, high reliability and long product life cycles, our SuperFlash technology is an innovative and versatile type of NOR Flash memory that utilizes a proprietary split-gate cell architecture to provide significant advantages over conventional stacked gate Flash, including the industry’s fastest erase times. These industry-standard and automotive-grade serial and parallel Flash memory products are AEC-Q100 qualified and ISO/TS16949 compliant to meet the rigorous quality, reliability and long product lifecycle requirements of automotive designers.

Key Benefits of SuperFlash Memory Technology

  • Flexible options to meet your design’s specific requirements
    • Broad portfolio of serial SPI and SQI™ and parallel NOR Flash products
  • Increased throughput and lower manufacturing costs with the industry’s fastest erase times
    • Erase any block in less than 25 ms
  • Excellent reliability and data retention
    • 100,000 read/write cycles endurance
    • 100 years data retention

Learn More About SuperFlash Technology

SuperFlash Memory with Pre-Programmed MAC Addresses

Need a MAC address to get your hardware connected to the Internet? We make it easy with our serial Flash products that are pre-programmed with globally unique IEEE EUI-48™ and EUI-64™ addresses.