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Serial EERAM

EERAM offers a robust solution for data storage applications in Automotive that require (1) Constant data logging or (2) Applications that need to safely and securely save information before a random, user generated or system generated power loss event.


Data recorders, Data loggers and Black Boxes to store both critical system and user parameters are utilized in many areas of the vehicle such as ABS, Airbags, Transmission, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Seat Position, Power Train, Instrument Cluster, infotainment and Wiper Position systems. In applications such as these, data often needs to be constantly logged to memory – the infinite endurance of the EERAM enables engineers and system developers a way to easily get setup to achieve this. Not only this, when power is shut off to the system, the last parameters prior to power loss also need to be securely logged. The presence of the external capacitor ensures safe and secure data storage from the SRAM to the EEPROM during this power loss.

Product Highlights

  • 4-16 Kb I2C
  • -40C to 125C Grade 1 AEC Q100 Qualified
  • Infinite Reads/Writes to SRAM Array; 1M Writes to EEPROM

Summary of EERAM Applications in Automotive

ApplicationWhy EERAM is needed?
AirbagCollect and Store info every second – blackbox
Telematics/NavigationTo store navigation waypoints, bookmarks, user data on power up
EntertainmentDownload Station Information at power up, data changes constantly.
Instrument ClusterTrack elapsed miles
Tire PressureTire Pressure Logs (data logger)
ABS - Stability ControlHolds data from ABS sensors – information such as speed, turn radius and wheel rotation
Power TrainAdaptive systems than manage the power train constantly write data to memory