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Automotive CAN and CAN FD Solutions

Automotive connectivity is becoming even more important with an increased focus on vehicle system redundancies, safety requirements and overall functionality. Bringing all these systems together with flexibility, reliability and security, while meeting automotive quality standards is a constant challenge. Microchip CAN and CAN FD products are engineered for the innovations of tomorrow while meeting the strict quality standards of today. Microchip offers a wide variety of products to Architect a wide variety of CAN bus solutions with our vast portfolio which includes integrated CAN bus controllers, transceivers and stand-alone CAN controllers as well as stand-alone and integrated CAN FD transceivers and controllers.

Featured CAN and CAN FD Devices

CAN & CAN FD Devices
ATA6570High-speed CAN FD Bus transceiver with partial networking
MCP2518FDExternal CAN FD bus controller with SPI interface
ATA6562High-speed CAN FD bus transceiver with standby- and silent mode and WUP
ATA6563High-speed CAN FD bus transceiver with standby mode and VIO pin and WUP
ATA6564High-speed CAN FD transceiver with silent mode and VIO pin

Looking to incorporate additional connectivity technologies?

In addition to supporting designs that run on CAN or CAN FD busses, we also provide the flexibility to design with whatever connectivity platform meets your needs. See how our LIN, MOST®, Ethernet and USB offerings can enhance your next automotive design.