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Active Antenna ICs 

Building on a tradition of successful products, Microchip offers IC solutions with maximum performance, flexibility and integration level for the rapidly-expanding AM/FM active antenna market. Microchip’s antenna devices can be used in any antenna, no matter if pole, shark fin, short pole or glass/window antenna.

For example, the Microchip ATR4253 IC provides maximum integration to include an automatic gain control, supply voltage regulator with overvoltage protection and an antenna sensor in a 3 x 3mm footprint. The industry’s smallest active antenna IC, it enables designers to develop smaller, high-performance antenna solutions located in the car mirror, bumper, rear or side windows.

Similar to its predecessors, Microchip ATR4251 and Microchip ATR4252, the device enables crystal-clear reception without distortion, even under extremely challenging conditions found in moving antenna systems.


  • Voltage regulation
  • ESD protection
  • Excellent system performance
  • Robust ambient temperature
  • Capability of up to 115°C