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Bluetooth® Low Energy-Based Weather Station

We all witness sudden changes in weather conditions daily. Since so many important activities are dependent on what the weather is doing, monitoring these changes is essential, not just for meteorologists, but for anyone who is managing an industrial or consumer application that is subject to changing meteorological conditions. Remote monitoring of environmental and motion parameters enables you to make important decisions and adjust an application to work properly, irrespective of the climatic conditions.

This demo showcases a Bluetooth Low Energy-based solution for environmental or weather monitoring applications. It demonstrates the logging of weather and motion sensor data collected from various sensors to an Android™ mobile application via Bluetooth Low Energy. The pressure, temperature and humidity data is collected by a MikroElektronika Weather click board and motion sensor data is collected by a MikroElektronika 10DOF click board. This information is then sent to the Android application via a BM71 Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth Low Energy-Based Weather Station