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PIC32MK Family

PIC32MK MCU’s offer a range of communications peripherals combined with a rich feature set of high performance analog motor control functions.

PIC32MK family devices combine 32-Bit, 120Mhz performance with up to 1MB of Flash memory, and a rich peripheral set targeting applications such as motor control, industrial control and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and multi-channel CAN applications. 

Key Features:


  • MIPS32® microAptiv™ 32-Bit Core
  • Floating Point and DSP extensions support
  • Up to 1MB of Dual-Panel Live Update Flash and 256KB RAM
  • Up to 4 CAN2.0
  • Up to 2 Full Speed USB
  • Up to 6 UART Modules
  • Up to 6 SPI Ports
  • Motor Control Integration including:
    • 7 12-Bit 3.75-MSPS Each ADC Cores
    • 3 12-Bit DAC
    • 4 OpAmps
    • 5 Analog Comparators
    • 12 16-Bit PWM Timers
    • 6 Quadrature Encoder Interfaces