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dsPIC® DSC Speech and Audio Fast Forward (SAFF) Tool

The dsPIC® DSC Speech and Audio Fast Forward (SAFF) tool provides users with real-time control of Microchip’s Speech and Audio Processing Algorithms as they are running in an embedded system application. This PC GUI tool facilitates easy tuning of Microchip’s Noise Suppression, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Line Echo Cancellation and Equalizer algorithms in speech and audio applications by simplifying parametric tuning of algorithms.


    • Automobile Hands-free Cell Phone Kits
    • Speaker phones
    • Intercoms
    • Teleconferencing Systems
    • Hands-free cell phone kits
    • Headsets
    • Any microphone-based applications


SAFF is a PC Based GUI application that simplifies speech and audio application development with Microchip’s Speech and Audio Libraries. The tool communicates with target hardware via Microchip’s Real-Time Data Monitoring (RTDM) protocol over an RS-232 or USB link. Users can enable, disable and tune algorithms ( Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Line Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression, and Equalizer) in send and receive paths of a full duplex communication setup. SAFF is ready to be used with Microchip’s development boards and can support custom dsPIC30F/dsPIC33F hardware. The GUI has unique feature of generating code for selected hardware by way of code templates. .


    • Supports Microchip’s dsPIC DSC Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Line Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression and Equalizer Libraries.
    • Implements typical full duplex communication signal processing chain with optimal arrangement of algorithms.
    • All algorithm parameters can be controlled in real time via RTDM
    • The generated code from GUI tool can be ported to custom dsPIC DSC hardware
    • Quick Start Demonstration included with installation
    • Supports multiple serial communication rates for communicating with target dsPIC DSC
    • Uses UART and Timer peripheral on the dsPIC DSC device to implement RTDM and MIPS measurement.
    • Parameters on target device can be update individually or in groups.
    • Simplifies the algorithm parameter tuning process
    • Generates code for selected hardware

Note: The SAFF GUI installer does not include the individual libraries. They must be installed separately. Click on below links to access library information and to download libraries.

dsPIC DSC Acoustic Echo Cancellation
dsPIC Noise SuppressionLibrary
dsPIC Line Echo Cancellation
dsPIC DSC Equalizer Library


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