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SMPS Control Library

The SMPS Control Library contains function blocks that are optimized for the dsPIC33F and dsPIC33E family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSC). The library functions are designed to be used within an application framework for realizing an efficient and flexible way of implementing the control of an SMPS application.

The block diagram below shows a typical usage scenario. The user-developed SMPS application interfaces to the DSC peripherals while using function calls into this library to perform majority of the time-critical operations.



  • Optimized for speed, code size and RAM usage
  • Includes three generalized compensator routines for use with all dsPIC33 devices
    • 3P3Z, 2P2Z, and PID
    • Designed with a good compromise of speed and resolution
  • Includes four compensator routines for use with devices utilizing Alternate Working Registers
    • 4P4Z, 3P3Z, 2P2Z, and PID
    • Designed to reduce the amount of time required for control output write back
    • Incorporates different triggering options
      • No trigger updates
      • 50% on-time + delay
      • 50% off-time + delay
  • Allows easy expansion of control algorithm with two free Alternate W-Registers and passing a generic structure


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