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Ultra-Low Power Connected Demonstrator Demo Board

Part Number: atulpc-demo

The ATULPC-DEMO demo uses a SAM L21 MCU, interfaced with BTLC1000 fully certified module and several sensors on a small form factor PCB (40mm x 30mm) operated on a coin cell battery. The environment sensor data (temperature, pressure, humidity, light), motion sensor data (3-axis acceleration, gyroscope) and sensor fusion data (3D plot, step count, free fall detection) are sent using BLE and displayed on an Android App. The HMI interface of the App is linked to a touch surface of the demo board, which is driven by the Peripheral Touch Controller integrated in the SAM L21 MCU.

The User Guide & Schematic of the demonstrator platform is located on the documents tab. You will also find additional downloads, including design files, firmware & mobile app source code, at the bottom of this page. The Android app can also be downloaded from the Google Play store.

    • To demonstrate the lowest power ARM® Cortex®-M0+ SAM L21 for wearable applications
    • A small size fully-certified Bluetooth module sensor tag with Android app to display data
    • Activity and environment monitor functionality
    • Microchip components and technologies - MCU, Touch, Crypto and Bluetooth
    • 3rd party Mems sensors - Bosch 6-axis motion sensor (BHI160), Bosch environment (BME280) sensor, light sensor
    • Low power, small form factor

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