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Total Endurance Software

Part Number: TotalEnduranceSoftware

Microchip's Total Endurance™ Software Disk provides electronic systems designers with unprecedented visibility into Serial EEPROM-based applications. Now designers can describe their system to an advanced mathematical model (with a very friendly human interface) which will then predict the performance and reliability of the Serial EEPROM within that environment. Design trade-off analysis that formerly consumed days or weeks can now be accomplished in minutes...with a level of accuracy that delivers a truly robust design.

    • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatibility
    • On-screen editing of parameters
    • Automatic or manual recalculation
    • Single-click copy of plot to clipboard
    • Full-screen or windowed graph view
    • Numeric export to delimited text file
    • Hypertext on-screen help
    • On-disk endurance tutorial
    • Support of all Microchip Serial EEPROMs

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