Microchip Technology Inc

PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit

Part Number: DM320018

The PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit is a low-cost Bluetooth development platform featuring the PIC32MX270F256D MCU. This kit features a HCI-based Bluetooth radio, pushbuttons, Cree high-output multi-color LED, standard single-color LEDs, accelerometer, temperature sensor and GPIO for rapid development of Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP), USB and General Purpose applications.

The Starter kit offers an Android App, Demo code and Bluetooth Serial Port Profile stack for free to get you started.
The PIC32 MCU on the Starter kit executes Microchips’ Free Bluetooth SPP stack & Demo Code to perform full-duplex data transmission over the Bluetooth link to showcase:
• Color Mixing of Cree High Output Multi Color LED
• Temperature Display

Daughter cards compatible with PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit :
PIC32 Audio Codec Daughter Card - AK4642EN (AC320100)
PIC32 Audio DAC Daughter Board - AK4384VT (AC320032-2)

For more information on the demonstration of the PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit please click on the video below
PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit Demonstration Video

To get started quickly, download “PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit Quick Start Package” from the Documents below.

FOR SOURCE CODE on the Demo and Android Application please see the Software Development Kit (SDK) located in the
<install-dir>/apps/bluetooth/data_temp_sens_rgb folder within your installation
of MPLAB® Harmony, which includes embedded source, Android source, and the Bluetooth
binary library and also the Board Support Package (BSPs).

The Android App is also available on the Google play
PIC32 BTSK Android App on Google play

    • PIC32MX270F256D for Central Processing
    • Bluetooth HCI module
    • Cree high output multi-color LED
    • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor
    • 3 standard single color LEDs for display
    • 5 Push Buttons for user defined inputs
    • On Board Debugging