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BTLC1000 Xplained Pro Starter Kit

Part Number: ATBTLC1000-XSTK

The BTLC1000 Xplained Starter Kit is a hardware platform to evaluate the ATBTLC1000-MR110CA module with the ARM Cortex M0+ SAML21 Xplained Pro host MCU evaluation board. The Xplained Pro extension plugs into the SAML21 Xplained Pro evaluation board to quickly add Bluetooth Smart connectivity. The ATBTLC1000-MR110CA module is based on s industry leading lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 compliant SoC, ATBLTC1000-MU-T.

Supported by the Studio integrated development platform, the kit provides easy access to the features of the ATBTLC1000-MR110CA BLE module and explains how to integrate the device in a custom design with the Cortex M0+ SAML21 MCU.

    • The ATBTLC1000-MR110CA BLE module with 2.4GHz BLE4.1 compliant ATBTLC1000A SoC (System on Chip)
    • 3.3V power source from the Xplained Pro through XPro Extension header
    • RESET switch (Option provided for user to mount)
    • Power LED
    • Current measurement header
    • On Board Temperature Sensor
    • SWD header (Option provided for user to mount)
    • External SPI serial Flash (Option provided for user to mount)
    • Extension Port Header - UART. Debug UART. GPIO
    • 32KHz crystal
    • Supported with application examples in Atmel Software Framework
    • ATBTLC1000-XPRO board
    • 2 USB TypeA/MicroB cable 1.5m
Please check the following related dev tools also.
Atmel Software Framework





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