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SQI SuperFlash Kit

No Longer Available
Part Number: AC243005-2

The SQI SuperFlash® Kit 1 allows evaluation of SQI Serial Flash Devices which are made using SuperFlash® technology. The SQI™ SuperFlash® Kit contains three Serial Flash PICtail™ Plus Daughter Boards. The kit is designed to interface with PICtail Plus connector found on Explorer 16 development board.

    • 8-pin Header provides easy access to SQI Flash pins for probing and evaluation
    • 3-pin Header provides easy access for an external power supply and the power
    measurement capability
    • Plugs into the PICtail Plus connector on the Explorer 16 Development Board
    • Follows the published recommended usage, including decoupling capacitors
    The kit contains three PICtail Plus Daughter Boards with SQI Flash devices soldered onto it. One with the SST26VF064B, one with the SST26VF032B, and one with the SST26WF016B.
Please see the following related Dev Tools DM240001

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