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The BM77 Bluetooth® Dual Mode Evaluation Board (EVB) allows the designer to evaluate and demonstrate the capabilities of the BM77 Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode Module.  The evaluation board includes an integrated Configuration and Programming USB interface for plug-and-play capability.  It also includes on-board breakout pin header connections for convenient access to the BM77 electrical connections to enable rapid prototyping.
This development board, bundled with the RN4020 Bluetooth module, makes development with the EZ App Lynx Library (SW500025, sold separately) a breeze. Using the free companion EZ App Lynx mobile app for Android or iOS (available from their respective app stores) along with the MPLAB X sample projects included with the software library, you have a head start on developing an interface between your PIC-based project and a cell phone or tablet!
The CCS EZ App Lynx Library (CCS 52600-1586) is a software library for users of MPLAB XC Compilers allowing the developer to create an interface between a Bluetooth-enabled, PIC MCU-based project and a smartphone or tablet. Then, using the free EZ App Lynx App (for Android or iOS), users can view the status of gauges, LEDs, switches, buttons, sensors, and also remotely control LEDs, relays, etc. This is possible because the code programmed on the PIC MCU using the EZ App Lynx Library essentially defines the GUI on the smartphone App and creates it at runtime. Simply open the app, scan for and select a nearby device, and you’re ready to go!

All you need to get your EZ App Lynx Library up and running is:

  • The EZ App Lynx Development Board (TDKEZWDB) or any board setup containing:
    • A PIC microcontroller of your choice (programmed with code that uses the CCS EZ App Lynx Library)
    • A Bluetooth module (more about supported modules below)
    • Your choice of LEDs, switches, buttons, potentiometers, etc.
  • An Android or iOS phone or tablet with the EZ App Lynx App
  • The appropriate MPLAB XC Compiler in MPLAB X IDE