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Arduino / chipKIT Platform

The Mega-B Development Kit is a Bluetooth LE 4.2 prototyping kit for quickly building and testing your IoT concept. All modules are plug-n-play, allowing for flexible prototyping. The kit can be programmed through our online platform, Breadware IDE, or with the Arduino IDE. You can leverage design templates, write device firmware using our “hardware-object-oriented programming language,” build test mobile applications, configure web dashboards for the device, and utilize webhooks to stream data.

The Mega-B piggybacks on the Arduino Mega 2560, and all of the functionality and GPIOs are preserved, giving you the capability to integrate 3rd party modules, or your own designs.

Flowcode 7 for AVR/Arduino Products - Standard

Part Number: TSW1013

No Longer Available
Flowcode 7 is a flowchart-style programming tool that enables you to create complex electronic and electromechanical systems. The tool utilizes graphics in place of complex coding, meaning it is ideal for both beginners and experienced engineers. Flowcode 7 software is straight forward and easy to use, so you can develop your ideas in no time.

This license gives the user the ability to program AVR devices and Arduino boards such as the Uno and Mega. This is the Standard version of the license, designed for you to learn programming principles for applications at home. This license does not include commercial rights and offers limited features. Users can add commercial rights (a professional license) and also further additional features after purchase of this standard license by visiting www.matrixtsl.com/flowcode.

Fubarino SD Development Board

Part Number: TCHIP010

No Longer Available
The Fubarino® SD board brings affordable, breadboard compatible high speed computing power to the Arduino-compatible chipKIT/MPIDE platform. It is able to run almost all Arduino sketches right out of the box, and includes more memory, speed, and I/O pins than a typical Arduino or clone. And it includes a microSD card slot for easy sketch access to huge file storage.
The Picadillo-35T is a 3.5” 320x480 resolution (Half VGA) Embedded Display Module with Resistive Touch, featuring the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L 32-bit microcontroller and Arduino™/ chipKIT™ style headers for easy attachment of shields, and compatible with UECIDE, MPIDE and MPLAB X Programming IDEs, making this a brilliant display solution with open-source software.

TNKC001 - Protoshield Kit for chipKIT Uno32

Part Number: TNKC001

No Longer Available
This Protoshield kit from NKC Electronics is a great way to expand your chipKIT™ Uno32™. Develop your custom circuits on a solder-less breadboard. Once the circuit is tested and ready, install it on a Protoshield for a permanent solution, and free up your breadboard for the next project. Basic soldering experience is required. (Note: breadboard and soldering iron are not included.) 

Assembly instructions are available at http://www.chipkit.net/nkc-protoshield-uno32