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Legacy Academic-friendly Boards

The chipKIT™ Basic I/O Shield is an input/output expansion board designed for use with chipKIT microcontroller boards such as the Uno32™ and the Max32™.

The Basic I/O Shield is designed to provide a range of input/output devices suitable for beginners learning about microcontrollers and various types of I/O devices, or for use by more advanced user to provide inputs or outputs for their own projects.

The Basic I/O Shield provides simple digital input devices such as switches and buttons, and digital output devices such as discrete LEDs and high current open FET drivers. It provides more advanced devices such as an I2C EEPROM, an I2C temperature sensor, and organic LED graphic display. A potentiometer is also provided for use as an analog input device.

The Basic I/O Shield is designed to the same form factor as the Uno32 and uC32 boards, but is also usable with the Max32 board.
The chipKIT Lenny was inspired by the Arduino Leonardo, and adds additional capabilities afforded by its 32-bit microcontroller. The Lenny has 27 available I/O lines, 6 of which can be used as analog inputs. Based on the 32-bit PIC32MX270F256D microcontroller, operating at 3.3 volts and 40 MHz. Direct access to the USB peripheral controller enables the Lenny to emulate many types of USB devices; note that this functionality will be available in a future library.
The Fubarino® Mini is a prototyping-friendly platform for developing Arduino compatible 32-bit applications. Compact size (5.1 cm x 1.9 cm) and low cost allow the Mini to fit almost anywhere. (It’s actually much smaller than a stick of gum!) Includes a USB bootloader that works with the chipKIT/MPIDE platform. Connect directly to your application using solder pads, or add the male expansion headers and plug into a breadboard. 

Microstick II

Part Number: DM330013-2

Mature Product
Microstick II delivers a complete development hardware platform for Microchip’s 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It’s the perfect solution to those looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use development platform.  (Note: Go to Microstick for dsPIC33F and PIC24H Development Board for information on the Microstick tool.)

The USB-powered kit includes an on-board debugger/programmer, a DUT socket for easy device swapping, a user LED and reset button. It is designed for insertion into a standard prototyping board for easy connection to additional circuitry. The kit is extremely portable as well and is still about the size of a stick of gum!

Supported Parts:
Microstick II supports 3.3V PIC24FJ, PIC24E, PIC24H, dsPIC33, and PIC32 28-pin SPDIP packaged devices shown in the table to the right (see images).
The chipKIT™ Wi-Fire board enables rapid prototyping with Microchip’s latest PIC32MZ architecture and Imagination Technologies' Flow Cloud Internet connectivity development software.

Digilent is a trusted third-party tool provider.

MPLAB Harmony Support available:
  • One Board Support Package (BSP)
  • Two USB demonstrations.