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AN1983 - Writing to Flash and EEPROM on the tinyAVR 1-series
On tinyAVR® 1-series devices, access to Flash memory and EEPROM has been changed from that on previous tinyAVR devices. This means that existing code for writing to Flash and EEPROM on older devices must be modified in order to function properly on t...
Publish date: 2017/12/11
AN_2585 - Implementing QTouch PTC Subsystem on SAMA5D2 MPUs
This application note provides the recommended configuration values to optimize the QTouch Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) Module embedded in the SAMA5D2 MPUs.
Publish date: 2017/12/08
AN_2472 - QTouch on SAMA5D2 MPUs
This application note describes the tooling and support available for the SAMA5D2 PTC Module, including the PTC Evaluation Kit and related software.
Publish date: 2017/12/08
AN1982 - Interrupt System in tinyAVR 0- and 1-series, and megaAVR 0-series
Traditionally, MCUs use two main methods to monitor and service peripherals: polling and interrupts. This application note discusses the Interrupt System in tinyAVR 0- and 1-series, and megaAVR 0-series
Publish date: 2017/12/07
AN1564 - Configuring and Using the Event Detection Module of MCP795WXX RTCCs
This application note is designed to take the design engineer through the steps to configure and set up the event detect module of Microchip SPI MCP795WXX RTCC family.
Publish date: 2017/12/06
AN1428 - AN1428, LCD Biasing and Contrast Control Methods
This Application Note provides methods that can be used to provide biasing voltages for Liquid Crystal displays. This document covers most of the biasing methods used in the PIC® microcontrollers with an LCD controller.
Publish date: 2017/11/30
ATWINC15x0 in Ethernet Mode

Publish date: 2017/11/21
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