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Microchip Training

Welcome to Microchip’s Technical Training site. We realize that solving technical problems and getting your product to market quickly are vitally important to your business. Because training needs are constantly changing, we offer several types of training based on what you or your business are looking for. We offer face-to-face training at our MASTERs Conferences and Regional Training Centers, and you can even have training done at your facility. Live training over the web is also available for many of our topics, and we offer hundreds of short training sessions through the Webinar site. 

Microchip Technical Training Live

With a worldwide network of Regional Training Centers (RTCs), certified third-party trainers and authorized distributors, Microchip makes it easy to enhance your technical skills with live instruction. These courses are taught by Microchip or Microchip Certified Technical Training Engineers live at various sites throughout the world, and usually in the local language. In addition to having a Technical Training Engineer on location teaching the course, all required tools and materials are provided for use during the class.

Microchip Technical Training Live Online

Many of our Live classes have been adapted for delivery over the Internet, so if you can’t get to one of our classroom locations you can still take advantage of the same technical training. These sessions are not pre-recorded classroom sessions or webinars. They are taught by Microchip’s Technical Training Engineers giving you the opportunity to interact in real time. In most cases, these classes have been adapted to be taught with the Proteus VSM simulator so there is no hassle with having the right hardware. Free evaluation versions of all tools, including C compilers and the Proteus VSM engine, are provided for you to install in advance once you have registered. An introductory class, “TLS0000 Getting Started with Microchip Technical Training Live Online”, is available to ensure your tools are up and running before you attend your Live Online class. All you need is a PC running Microsoft Windows® XP or higher, a high-speed internet connection, a microphone and speakers.

Microchip Live Onsite Training

Organizations that desire to have a group of employees attend a course at the same time can take advantage of our Live Onsite training. This can be any of our standard classes or training material customized to your team’s specific needs. Our instructors arrive at your location with all presentation materials and equipment, making it easy for your whole team to benefit from a specific course topic in one setting. For more information, contact your local Microchip sales office.