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Designers face the challenge of keeping system costs down while still accomplishing this task. If this record-keeping portion of the system is tampered with, revenues collected from the end customer could be drastically reduced. To prevent the loss of billing data in the event of a power failure, this data is stored regularly into non-volatile memory—as often as once a minute or 525,600 writes per year. This means that a high-endurance memory such as an EEPROM or serial SRAM and a real-time clock that is accurate over temperature is required.

For reliable code and data storage, Microchip offers a broad range of NOR flash memory products, including Parallel Flash, SPI, and SQI®. The various available densities, wide voltage and temperature ranges, and very small packages allow Microchip flash to excel in any metering application. SuperFlash products support cost-effective, non-volatile memory data storage solutions while offering industry-leading features coupled with fixed and fast program/erase times, ultra-low power consumption, high endurance, and excellent reliability.

Real-Time Clock/Calendar Features

  • Current as low as 700nA max.
  • Operates to 1.3V
  • Battery switchover for backup power (Vbat)
  • Timestamps at power fail and restore
  • Wide digital trimming range
  • Event Detect input with switch debounce
  • Watchdog Timer
  • I²C or SPI serial interface available

SuperFlash® Memory Features

  • 100 years data retention (JEDEC standard A103)
  • 100K Endurance (JEDEC standard A117)
  • Small Sector Architecture
  • Fastest and Fixed Erase/Program times
  • Ultra low power consumption for battery operated applications
  • Execute-In-Place (XIP) capability with low latency
  • Support for high frequency/bandwidth
  • Cutting edge micro-packages available

Memory Features

  • High endurance serial EEPROM up to 1M Erase/Write Cycles
  • I²C or SPI serial interface
  • Industry leading reliability
  • Wide operating voltage and temperature
  • SPI Serial SRAM has unlimited endurance
  • SRAM in small 8-pin package

Metering Video Channel