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Microchip Solutions for Digital Audio Applications

Today’s designers are looking for many different types of digital audio solutions for their products. Microchip supplies a range of products, from audio decoders to different types of audio streaming solutions that include Bluetooth® as well as USB connectivity. In addition, Microchip offers solutions for graphics, USB drivers, file systems, and a DSP Fixed-Point Math Library to provide Total System Solutions (TSS) for many audio applications.

Our PIC32 Digital Audio Solutions currently focus on three areas:

  • Audio Decoders/Encoders: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAVE, FLAC, etc.
  • USB Audio: Audio playback from a personal computer, Android™ device, or Apple® device; also supports other functions like capturing microphone data, bidirectional headset functionality, communicating data for Made for iPod® (MFi) applications, as well as acting as a USB host
  • Bluetooth® Audio, Voice, and Data: Wireless audio streaming and wireless data transmission, as well as other functionality including HFP/HSP; supports Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modes
PIC32 Audio Decoders-Icon

Audio decoders are the foundation of audio playback. They decode the digital audio file information for playback via some type of speaker (headphones, PC speakers, etc.). Microchip the following decoders for developing a variety of USB audio and Bluetooth audio applications:

  • AAC(1)
  • MP3(1)
  • FLAC
  • WAVE
  • OPUS
  • WMA(1)

These audio decoders are the basis for many of the different solutions USB Audio and Bluetooth Audio.

Some of these audio decoders may need to be licensed from a third party. Visit the PIC32 Audio Decoders page for more information.

Microchip also offers PCM and ADPCM audio encoders.

(1) The MP3, WMA and AAC decoder libraries are available for purchase from microchipDIRECT.

USB audio solutions enable audio streaming over USB. To support the growing number of Android and Apple devices, such as tablets and smartphones, we offer solutions that enable USB connections for Android Open Accessory (AoA), MFi and Samsung audio applications.

Our PIC32 USB audio solutions offer a flexible range of playback options and support for high-resolution audio up to 192 kHz/24 bits per sample.

In addition, the MPLAB® Harmony USB Device Libraries support the both USB Audio Class 1.0 and USB Audio Class 2.0.

The MPLAB USB Audio Host Client Driver Llibrary allows host applications to interact with and support USB Audio Class 1.0 devices.

MFi is only available to Apple licensees.

Bluetooth has become a popular solution for incorporating wireless audio into tablets, smartphones and portable media players.

Bluetooth audio is most commonly associated with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (AD2P), with the audio encapsulated with either Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or Subband Coding (SBC) audio codecs.

Microchip’s Bluetooth Library includes support for these codecs and the A2DP profile. It also includes options for Hands Free Profile (HFP), Handset Profile (HSP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) as well as for Serial Port Profile (SPP) for data.

We also offer the BM64 stereo audio module and the RN4871 module for implementing Bluetooth® Low Energy designs. For more information on Bluetooth® Low Energy, please visit the Bluetooth® Low Energy Solutions page.

Libraries and solutions are also available for implementing DSP functionality:

  • CMSIS Library: DSP functions for ARM® Cortex®-M based microcontrollers
  • DSP Fixed-Point Math Library: Dedicated libraries for the PIC32MZ family of microcontrollers
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Data Sheets

PIC32MX 330/350/370/430/450/470 Data Sheet
PIC32MX1/2/5 Data Sheet
PIC32MZ EF Data Sheet
PIC32MX1/2 Data Sheet
PIC32MX274 Data Sheet

Application Notes

Audio Functions Title and Link Supported Families
Record AN1422 – High Quality Audio Applications Using the PIC32 PIC32
Record AN1152 – Achieving Higher ADC Resolution Using Oversampling dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
Record and Playback AN643 – Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation PIC18, PIC24F, PIC24H, dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F, and PIC32

Development Tools

PIC32 Digital Audio Development Boards

Microchip offers several development boards for the development of Digital Audio for both USB Audio as well as Bluetooth Audio.

Description Part Number
PIC32MX Curiosity Development Board DM320103
PIC32MM USB Curiosity Development Board DM320107
PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit DV320032
PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit DM320018
PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with FPU (EF) Starter Kit DM320007
PIC32MZ Embedded Graphics with Stacked DRAM (DA) Starter Kit DM320010
PIC32MZEF Curiosity Development Board DM320104
PIC32MZ Embedded Graphics with External DRAM (DA) Starter Kit DM320008

PIC32 Digital Audio PIMs and Compatibility

The PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit supports multiple PIMS which are supported with the PIC32 Bluetooth Development Kit.

Description Part Number
PIC32MZ EF Audio PIM MA320018
PIC32MX270F512L Bluetooth PIM MA320017
PIC32MX270F256D PIM MA320014
PIC32MX274F256D PIM MA320022

PIC32 Digital Audio Daughter Cards

The PIC32 Digital Audio Daughter Cards are compatible with the PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit as well as the PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit.

Description Part Number
BM64 Bluetooth Radio Daughter Board AC320032-3
Audio Codec Daughter Card – AK4642 AC320100
Audio Coder Daughter Card – AK7755 AC327755
PIC32 Audio DAC Daughter Card AC320032-2
PIC32 Audio Codec Daughter Card - AK4954 AC324954

16-bit PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC Development Boards for Audio

Description Part Number
Explorer 16/32 Development Board DM240001-2
MPLAB Starter Kit for dsPIC DSC DM330011
Audio Development Board for dsPIC33E DM330016

PIC32 Multimedia Expansion Board

The PIC32 MEB II is a highly integrated, compact and flexible development platform. The MEB II integrates with the PIC32MZ Starter Kits for a complete graphics development solution.

Description Part Number
Multimedia Expansion Board II DM320005-5

Recording and Playback Software Libraries

Audio Functions Resource Type Title and Link Supported Families
Audio and Speech Library PIC32 Audio Equalizer Filter library PIC32 MCU
Audio and Speech Software Bluetooth Audio PIC32 MCU
Audio and Speech Software PIC32 Audio Decoders/Encoders PIC32 MCU
Record Application Note and Source Code AN1152-Achieving Higher ADC Resolution Using Oversampling dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
Record and Playback Library W300026 dsPIC/PIC24 G.711 Speech Encoding & Decoding Library PIC18, PIC24F, PIC24H, dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F,

Record and Playback Library SW300090-dsPIC G.726A Speech Encoding/Decoding Library dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F<
Record and Playback Library SW300070-Speex Speech encoding/decoding Library dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
Record and Playback Library dsPIC® DSC Equalizer Library dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
Telecommunications Library SW300060-Aucostic Echo Cancellation Library dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
Telecommunications Library SW300080-Line Echo Cancellation Library dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
Telecommunications Library SW300040-Noise suppression library dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F

ALL Library dsPIC DSC Automatic Gain Control Library dsPIC30F,dsPIC33F
ALL GUI dsPIC DSC Speech and Audio Fast Forward (SAFF) tool dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
ALL GUI Digital Filter Design dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F
ALL GUI dsPICworks Data Analysis & DSP software (use to convert PCM to WAV and back) ALL