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Getting Started - PIC® Microcontrollers

PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) are very easy to use. In fact, you can begin designing projects without even downloading any additional software. Here is a quick guide to get you started with PIC devices.

Step 1: Open MPLAB Xpress in the browser or download MPLAB X
To create and debug software, you can use an integrated development environment (IDE), such as MPLAB X or cloud based MPLAB Xpress. This IDE contains everything you need to create, compile and debug code, and it will let you download your code straight onto the on-chip Flash of the PIC MCU - without any other software components. The MPLAB Code Configurator, a graphical programming interface plugin, can also help you program your PIC MCU faster and efficiently.
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Step2: Look at Some Examples
The example section of MPLAB Xpress and developer help site offers step by step instructions and assistive videos for many different projects. Also a wide variety of Application notes are available on every product page.
Step 3: Recommended Hardware
mcu8 dm164140 front

MPLAB® Xpress Evaluation Boards

Designed with a single objective - to help your ideas take the shortest journey from imagination to reality

original curiosity board 8bit

Curiosity Development Board

Cost-effective, fully integrated 8-bit development platform targeted at first-time users, Makers, and those seeking a feature-rich rapid prototyping board

Microchip Minutes

Short and to the point videos with a step by step demonstration of how to use key features and capabilities of PIC MCUs within a particular software environment. These videos usually have associated tutorials and code examples that go into more detail available on sites like the Developer Help Wiki and MPLAB Xpress examples pages.

Closer Look

This videos series has been developed to provide the viewer with a more detailed overview of a particular topic. Topics include introductions to new development boards, overviews of PIC and AVR features and demonstrations on key features of software development tools.