Microchip Technology Inc

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC/Scan)

The CRC/Scan peripheral provides automated CRC polynomial generation and verification of Program / DATA Memory to test for Non Volatile Memory Integrity. It can also be configured to provide 16-bit CRC for use with memory and communications data.


  • General purpose 2-bit to 16-bit CRC
    • For use with memory and communications data
  • Automated CRC checksum with background SCAN
    • Program memory
    • DataEE memory
  • Calculates CRC checksum on communications data
  • Configurable polynomial (all standard CRC implementations)
  • Corruption is detected upon checksum mismatch
  • All memory scan operations are controlled via software


  • Increased code and data integrity
  • Software configurable for easy updates and modifications
  • Eases implementation of safety standards (ex. Class B, UL, etc.)
  • Core independent operation
  • Operation while in low power SLEEP
cyclic redundancy check diagram