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8-bit PIC® and AVR® MCUs

Combined Strength

The PIC and AVR MCU brands represent two dominant architectures in the embedded design universe. With a combined 45 years' experience developing commercially available and cost-effective 8-bit MCUs, Microchip is the supplier of choice for many due to its strong legacy and history of innovation in 8-bit.

Historical milestones in 8-bit PIC and AVR MCU development

Our customers have a passion for making the things that we interact with every day smarter, more efficient, and accessible to everyone. This passion guides us to develop products and tools that make it easier for them to solve their design problems and adapt to future needs. Our current lineup of PIC and AVR MCUs is the pinnacle of innovation in the 8-bit embedded space and incorporates the latest technologies to enhance system performance while reducing power consumption and development time.

Continued Leadership

Microchip's portfolio of 8-bit PIC and AVR MCUs is not only the industry's largest; the more than 1,200 MCUs offer class-leading flexibility and performance in areas of utmost importance to modern embedded designers. Key elements include:

  • Core Independent Peripherals
    • Increase system performance while reducing time-to-market
  • Low Power Performance
    • picoPower® & XLP technologies
  • Industry-leading Robustness
    • Best-in-class EMI/EMC performance
  • Easy Development
    • Graphical configuration of complex systems

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A History of Innovation

Microchip's desire for continuous improvement has led to several industry firsts that have moved embedded design forward.

Streamlined Product Development – With its innovation in graphical configuration tools such as MPLAB® Code Configurator and Atmel® Start, Microchip has worked to significantly shorten our customers' development times.

Analog Integration – Recognizing the opportunity to eliminate componentry on our customers' PCBs, Microchip began offering the first general-purpose MCU family with commonly used analog modules integrated on chip to reduce size and cost.

Core Independence – The Event System and Core Independent Peripherals were developed around the concept that repetitive embedded tasks can be handled more efficiently and deterministically with highly configurable on-chip hardware modules. This allows our 8-bit MCUs to outperform 32-bit MCUs when handling common tasks, while offering our customers a simple configuration experience.

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