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Fixed Point Math Library for PIC24 and dsPIC

The Fixed Point Math Library simplifies writing fixed point algorithms, supporting both Q15 and Q16 data formats. Using the simple, C callable functions contained in the library complex fixed point mathematical operations can be easily executed. The library is built into the MPLAB C Compiler and is part of every install.


The Fixed Point Math Library contains functions for manipulating Q15 and Q16 integers. The 16-bit Language Tools document details the operation of the Q15 and Q16 formats and explains each function in detail.

• Free library included with MPLAB compiler

• Compatible with the Microchip PIC24and dsPIC families
• Over 30 math functions for working with Q15 or Q16 data

• Detailed explanation of Q formatted data

• Detailed description of each function

• Highly optimized functions for fast execution

Devices Supported
All processors in the PIC24and dsPIC DSC family

Getting Started
• Download and install MPLAB and the free trial version of the C compiler

• See Chapter 5 of the 16-bit Language Tools Library for complete documentation of the Fixed Point Math Library

• Start writing Q formatted math code!


Common Fixed Point Math Functions





Absolute value of a Q15/Q16 value


Sin of a Q15/Q16 number


Cos of a Q15/Q16 number


Tan of a Q15/Q16 number


Arc sin of a Q15/Q16 value


Arc cos of a Q15/Q16 value


Arc tan of a Q15/Q16 value


Sums two Q15/Q16 values, taking care of overflow and underflow


Subtracts two Q15/Q16 values, taking care of overflow and underflow


Log of a Q15/Q16 number


Converts ASCII number to a Q15/Q16 number


Converts a single precision floating point number to a Q1X value


Converts a Q1X value to an ASCII encoded number


Converts Q1X value to a floating point value

*- function name contains either Q15 or Q16 depending on the variable type

A complete list of fixed point math functions is available in the 16-Bit Language Tool Libraries document


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