Microchip Technology Inc

MPLAB XC8 PRO Compiler Subscription License

Part Number: SW006021-SUB

MPLAB® XC Compilers produce highly optimized code. Subscription licenses unlock PRO-level optimizations, which produce the best execution speed and code size for all PIC® microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) along with the best in compiler features.

The MPLAB XC8 PRO Subscription License is charged on a monthly basis, providing 8-bit designers the ability to make use of the most features and best code optimization only when needed in the design cycle. Subscribers will also have the ability to use any version MPLAB XC8 Microchip compiler at any time, without the need for an active Microchip MPLAB XC High Priority Access (HPA) maintenance subscription. Unlike most software subscription solutions, the license is not cloud-based, providing designers the additional flexibility of using the license offline.

The subscription license is available as a download only, installed on a workstation and the license will be renewed every month by through internet connection.

This is a monthly subscription license and cannot be purchased in advance by buying multiples at one time (i.e. buying 12 licenses does not equal one year). Buying multiples at one time will result in multiple licenses being active every month.

For complete information, including downloads and full documentation for MPLAB XC C compilers, go to: microchip.com/mplabxc

    The requirements and features are:
    • One user per license
    • License is tied to one workstation at a time
    • Can be cancelled or renewed in one month increments at will through the user’s mySoftware account and MPLAB X IDE
    • Cancellation takes place at the end of the subscription month has expired
    • Requires MPLAB X IDE version 3.15 and later for automated renewal
    • Includes unlimited updates to new compiler versions without the need for HPA
    • Requires an internet connection for automatic renewal
      • License files are loaded automatically through MPLAB X IDE every month while the subscription is active
    • License begins at purchase, not download and activation

    None. Download only.
    MPLAB X IDE version 3.15 and later, plus an internet connection for automated renewal.