Microchip Technology Inc

AVR Parrot


Developing an audio recording and playback system can require a lot of component shopping and circuit board design. Save all that time and effort with a Parrot board that already provides the design and components necessary. With the addition of an external memory device, 8-bit devices may be the perfect solution for your low cost, low power audio needs. The Parrot board uses the AVR microcontroller event system and direct memory access (DMA) peripherals to create an audio storage and playback system that entirely avoids using the CPU after initialization. It also serves as a great method to add audio recording or playback to an existing design.

    • ATtiny817
    • Microphone and speaker on the board
    • User buttons: Rec, Play, Back, Forward and Erase
    • Potentiometer for output volume adjustment
    • Reset button
    • 2 LEDs for indication
    • USB power supply

    AVR Parrot Evaluation Board.