Microchip Technology Inc


No Longer Available
Part Number: dm163022-1

The PICDEM 2 Plus board demonstrates the capabilities of Microchip’s 8-bit microcontrollers, specifically, 18-, 28- and 40-pin PIC16FXXX, PIC16F1XXX, and PIC18 devices.

It can be used as a standalone demonstration board with a programmed part. Alternatively, it can be used with an in-circuit emulator (for example, MPLAB® Real ICETM) or with an in-circuit programmer/debugger (such as MPLAB® ICD 3 or PICkitTM 3). Microchip offers a bundle of the PICDEM 2 PLUS and the MPLAB® ICD 3, called the MPLAB® ICD 3 Evaluation Kit (with PICDEM 2 Plus), product number DV164036. Sample programs are provided to demonstrate the unique features of the supported devices.

Newer version development tools are available now. Please consider Explorer 8 Development Board (DM160228) for new designs

      Key Components

  • LCD display
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 4x LEDs
  • Microchip TC74 thermal sensor
  • 32K x 8 Serial EEPROM
  • 5 kΩ pot for devices with analog inputs
  • On-board external oscillators
  • Three pushbutton switches for external stimulus and reset
  • Works off of a 9v battery or DC powerpack

    Connectivity options
  • Programmer/debugger connectivity using MPLAB ICD 3, MPLAB Real ICE and PICkit 3
  • PICkitTM Serial Connector for analysis of serial communications peripherals such as SPI or I2C
  • Active RS 232 port
  • Expansion
Header for PICtailTM daughter card connectivity, or for user access to MCU pins

    • Demonstration program displaying a real time clock, ambient temperature and much more
    • A demonstration program loaded on the installed PIC16F1937 (40-pin) MCU
    • Sample kit with PIC16F1827 (18-pin), PIC16F1936 (28-pin) and PIC18F46K22 (40-pin) MCUs
    • Source code for all programs
    • Generous prototyping area