Microchip Technology Inc

PIC32MX270F256D Plug In Module

Part Number: MA320014

Processor Plug-In Modules are small circuit boards to be used with the various Microchip Development Boards to evaluate various MCU families. These plug into the main processor socket of the Development Boards so that different microcontrollers can be used for prototyping, demonstration or development --quickly and easily.

The PIC32MX270F256D PIM is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the PIC32MX1XX/ 2XX family of devices using Explorer 16 Development Board. It enables USB and graphics development with the PIC32MX2XX series.
The PIC32MX1XX/2XX family of devices is high-performance 32-bit microcontrollers in low-pin count packages.

    PIC32MX270F256D @ 50 MHz/83 DMIPS with 256 KB Flash, 64 KB RAM, USB device/host/OTG support, SPI/I2S, and UARTs