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Low Voltage Motor Control Development Bundle (Signal Board & Drive Board)

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Part Number: DV330100

The Low Voltage Motor Control Development Bundle provides a cost-effective method of evaluating and developing dual/single motor control power stage targeted to drive two Brushless DC (BLDC) motors or Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) concurrently. The bundle comes with a dsPIC DSC Signal board, Motor Control 10-24V Driver Board and dsPIC33EP512GM710 Dual Motor Control PIM.

The dsPIC (DSC) Signal Board supports both 3.3V and 5V operated devices for various applications and frequently used human interface features along with the communication ports. The Signal Board has two major connectors, a 120-pin connector and a 60-pin connector to enable connection to the plug-in boards.

The Motor Control 10V–24V Driver Board (Dual/Single) along with the compatible dsPIC DSC Signal Board provides a software development platform to build and evaluate embedded motor control application software using Microchip’s high performance motor control Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) and Microcontrollers (MCUs).

    dsPIC DSC Signal Board :

    120-pin power board  interface connector for power application board
    60-pin expansion connector for adds-on boards
    Two 30-pin connectors for signal monitoring or expansion
    100/105 PIM header that support MCUs and dsPIC DSCs PIM with internal or external Opamp configurations
    Human Interfaces include reset and power buttons along with LED indicators for debugging purposes
    24V power input connector

    10-24V Power Board:

    Two PMSM/BLDC motor control power stages with electrical specifications:
    - Input DC Voltage: 10V–24V DC ±10%
    - Output Phase RMS Current: 10A nominal @ 25°C per phase
    MCP8024 gate drivers with under voltage, over voltage, over current, shoot through and short circuit protection
    Hall sensors or quadrature encoder interface in each motor control stages to enable sensor-based motor control algorithms
    Phase voltage and reconstructed neutral feedback signals in each motor control stages to enable sensorless BLDC operation
    DC bus current sense resistor for over current protection, torque control of BLDC motor and single shunt vector control of PMSMs.
    Phase current sensing resistors for vector control
    DC bus voltage sensing
    Dynamic brake chopper circuit with hardware and software brake control for both the inverter stages
    Over current protection and LED indication for PWM signals and power on status

    dsPIC DSC Signal Board
    Motor Driver Board