Microchip Technology Inc

MPLAB Starter Kit for Digital Power

Part Number: DM330017-2

The MPLAB Starter Kit for Digital Power kit uses the dsPIC33EP64GS502 DSC to implement a buck converter and a boost converter. It is a digitally controlled power supply board that consists of one independent DC/DC synchronous Buck converter and one independent DC/DC Boost converter. Each converter can drive its on-board MOSFET controlled resistive load or an external load. The board has an LCD display for voltage, current, temperature and fault conditions, and an integrated programmer/debugger, all powered by the included 9 V power supply.

    • dsPIC33EP64GS502 – Low-cost 16-bit digital power conversion DSC
    • One independent DC/DC synchronous Buck converter 
    • One independent DC/DC Boost converter.
    • LCD display for voltage, current, temperature and fault conditions
    • On-board In-Circuit Debugger /Programmer via USB
    • On-board programmable resistive loads of up to 3W (0.5W, 1.25W, 1.25W)
    • Hardware slope compensation for peak current mode implementations
    • On-board temperature sensor
    • Compact Design – 4” x 2.5” board
    • Powered via 9V power supply (included)
    Package Includes:

    • Starter Kit Board
    • Information Sheet
    • USB Cable
    • Universal 9V Power Supply