Microchip Technology Inc

Starter Kit I/O Expansion Board

Part Number: DM320002

The Starter Kit I/O Expansion Board provides Starter Kit and Starter Board users with full access to MCU signals, additional debug headers, and connection of PICtail Plus daughter cards. MCU signals are available for attaching prototype circuits or monitoring signals with logic probes. Headers are provided for connecting JTAG tools or Microchip tools using the 2-wire (ICSP) interface.

PIC32 Starter Kit (DM320001), PIC32 USB Starter Kit II (DM320003-2), PIC32 USB Starter Kit III (DM320003-3), PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit (DM320004), PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit II (DM320004-2), PIC32MX1/2/5 Starter Kit (DM320100), dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit (DM330012),or a PIC24E USB Starter Kit(DM240012) is required for running application code as the I/O Expansion Board does not have an MCU.

A PIC32MZ Adapter Board (AC320006) is needed to connect the following PIC32MZ Starter Kits
PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit (DM320007)
PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit w/ Crypto (DM320007-C)
PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit (DM320006)
PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit w/ Crypto (DM320006-C)

    These starter kits can provide power to the I/O Expansion Board. The amount of power is determined by the drive capability of the USB port connected to the Starter Board's debugger at connector J1. If additional power is required, connect an optional 9V power supply (#AC16203) to the I/O Expansion Board.