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No Longer Available
Part Number: ATQT600

A complete touch development kit for buttons, sliders, and wheels. It allows designers to experiment with touch technology and serves as the easiest way to analyse and validate touch products. Both QTouch and QMatrix acquisition methods are supported. The kit uses QTouch Studio as its front-end software. It includes a USB-powered interface board, three MCU boards (ATtiny88, ATmega324PA, and ATxmega128A1), three sensor boards that support up to 64-channels, and cables.

    • USB-powered interface board
    •  Three MCU boards (ATtiny88, ATmega324PA, and ATxmega128A1)
    •  Three sensor boards that support up to 64-channels
    • Cables
Please check the following related dev tools also.
QTouch Studio 4.3.1