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ATmega324PB Xplained Pro

Part Number: ATMEGA324PB-XPRO

The ATmega324PB Xplained Pro evalutation kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the ATmega324PB microcontroller (MCU). The ATmega324PB-XPRO evaluation kit does not include extension boards which can be purchased individually. ATmega324PB Xplained Pro currently supports more than 20 extension boards including wired and wireless connectivity, crytpo authentication, QTouch capacitive touch kits as well as generic I/O, and OLED boards.

    • ATmega324PB microcontroller
    • One mechanical reset button
    • One mechanical user push button - Wake-up, bootloader entry or general purpose
    • One yellow user LED
    • 32.768kHz crystal
    • Three Xplained Pro extension headers
    • Connector for external debuggers
    • Embedded Degugger
      • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio
      • One yellow status LED
      • One green board power LED
      • Symbolic debug of complex data types including scope information
      • Programming and debugging
      • Data Gateway Interface: SPI, I2C, 4 GPIOs
      • Virtual COM port (CDC)
    • USB powered

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