Microchip Technology Inc


Part Number: AT91SAM9N12-EK

The SAM9N12-EK Evaluation Kit enables rapid evaluation and code development of applications running on a SAM9N12 device.

    • Atmel SAM9N12 microcontroller in BGA217 package
    • 16 MHz crystal
    • 32.768 KHz crystal
    • Memory - 1Gb DDR2 memory; 2Gb NAND Flash memory with Chip Selection control switch; Optional NOR flash; 32Mb SPI Serial DataFlash with Chip Selection control switch; 512Kb Serial EEPROM; 1Kb 1-Wire EEPROM; SD/MMC interface
    • Communication - One Ethernet Physical Transceiver Layer with RJ45 connector; UART DBGU port with level shifter IC; JTAG/ICE port; USB Host and Device; ZigBee??
    • Add-on display module - TFT LCD module with touch; QTouch elements for user QTouch: (K1 to K4)
    • Audio codec with input stereo headphone and microphone
    • On-board power regulation and backup battery
    • Two user LEDs and one power LED
    • System buttons: NRST, WKUP, OE_CS
    • One user button