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CryptoAuthentication UDFN Socket Kit - 88CKSCKTUDFN-XPRO


The AT88CKSCKTUDFN-XPRO is a Microchip XPRO extension kit for Microchip Crypto Authentication devices in an 8-pin UDFN package. The board attaches to any Microchip Micro-controller board that supports the XPRO interface. The boards operate with the following Microchip Devices

ATECC108A/508A - Ecliptic Curve Security devices with I2C or Single Wire Interface
ATSHA204A - Symmetric Security Device with I2C or Single Wire Interface
ATAES132A - Secure Memory device with I2C or SPI interfaces
The boards can be used as a learning tool, development tool or for configuring and provisioning devices in limited quantities.
For more information on Microchip Crypto Authentication products please go to the Crypto Authentication Overview.

    1 - 8 Pin UDFN Socket for 8 Pin UDFN Crypto Authentication Devices
    1 - 8 Bit Selection switch for selection of Single Wire, I2C or SPI Mode interfaces
    Observation Header Port for monitoring signals
    Parasitic Power Support
    GPIO and Intrusion Detection Support for ECC Products.
    On board LED indicating when Power is connected.