Microchip Technology Inc

MIC2877 High Current Sync Boost Regulator

Part Number: ADM00831

MIC2877 is a compact and highly-efficient 2MHz synchronous boost regulator with a 6.5A switch. It features a bidirectional true load disconnect function which prevents any leakage current between the input and output when the device is disabled. MIC2877 operates in bypass mode automatically when the input voltage is greater than the target output voltage. At light loads, the boost converter goes to PFM mode to improve the efficiency. In shutdown mode, the regulator consumes less than 2uA. MIC2877 also features an integrated anti-ringing switch to minimize EMI, over voltage and over current protection, UVLO and thermal shutdown. MIC2877 is available in a FTQFN22-8LD package with a junction temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.​

    · Fully-integrated, high-efficiency, 2MHz synchronous boost regulator
    · Bidirectional true load disconnect, OVP and UVLO
    · Pre-charge current limit and ultra-fast transient response
    · Input voltage range from 2.5V to 5.5V
    · 1.5A load current at VIN=2.5V and VOUT=5.0V
    · 2.0A load current at VIN=3.0V and VOUT=5.0V
    · Integrated anti-ringing switch for EMI reduction
    · Up to 95% efficiency
    · Less than 2µA shutdown current
    · Bypass mode for VIN ≥ VOUT
    · Overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown
    · Fixed and adjustable output versions
    · FTQFN22-8LD package
    1x MIC2877 High Current Sync Boost Regulator (ADM00831)