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200W Wireless Power Reference Design

Part Number: 200W_Wireless_Power

The 200W Wireless Power reference design is developed by Microchip design partner Fu Da Tong. The transmitter is based on the dsPIC® device and the receiver is based on the PIC16F® device. The reference design implements a proprietary protocol developed from 27 granted U.S patents in Communication, Power Control, and Foreign Object Detection. The 200W solution is ideal for applications such as Power Tools, Vacuum Robots, Industrial Slip Rings, Small Electric Vehicles and Drones.

The Transmitter is powered from a 24V rail and the receiver regulates the output voltage to 24V. The system operates at 90% efficiency at 100W power and a Z-distance of 5-10mm.

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    • Wide Input Voltage Range (5V-24V)
    • Up to 90% Efficiency at 100W power
    • Effective Foreign Object Detection that can also detect NFC/RFID cards in the field
    • Over Voltage, Under voltage, Over Current protection schemes

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