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The CEServices (VSC6810SDK) software development kit is a turnkey Carrier Ethernet switch application for Microsemi?s Carrier Ethernet switch devices. 

Status: In Production

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Device Overview


The CEServices (VSC6810SDK) software development kit is a turnkey Carrier Ethernet switch application designed to support Microsemi’s Carrier Ethernet switch devices. The software uses the latest eCos operating system for optimal performance, cost effective implementation, and RedBoot bootloader for reliability. Management is performed using a Web GUI, Command Line Interface (CLI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), or Java Script Object Notation Remote Procedure Call (JSON-RPC), running on the internal MIPS24Kec CPU. The VSC6810SDK is highly integrated with Carrier features, such as service provision and policing for advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA), Synchronous Ethernet, as well as IEEE 1588 for Ethernet packet-based accuracy timing solution, Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM), and Application Software Provider (ASP). The VSC6810SDK also features an optional add-on module called VSC6840MTP that provides connection-orientated packet-switching with hard-QoS, enhanced protection/restoration and advanced OAM (Operations and Maintenance). Multi Protocol Label Switching – Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) is a leading packet transport networking technology that enables greater scale and stronger layering and protection compared to a Layer 2 network, yet is fully compatible with IP/MPLS-routed network cores without the cost and power limitations burdens of a Layer 3 network

To obtain the CEServices eCOS Software Package, click here.

Additional Features
    • Rich Layer 2 switch features with Layer 3-aware packet processing
    • Service classification and MEF-compliant policing for advanced SLA
    • SyncE and complete IEEE 1588 solution with PTP protocol, packet delay filtering (PDV), and hardware-accurate timestamping
    • Strong service concepts for advanced SLA
    • MPLS-TP optional add-on


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