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  • (*Each channel (for Dual and Quad LDOs)) •Extremely Low Supply Current for Longer Battery Life! •SelectMode™: Selectable Output Voltages for High Design Flexibility •Very Low Dropout Voltage •10µsec (Typ.) Wake Up Time from SHDN •Guaranteed 150mA Output Current •High Output Voltage Accuracy •Power-Saving Shutdown Mode •RESET Output Can Be Used as a Low Battery •Detector or Processor Reset Generator •Over-Current and Over-Temperature Protection
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Device Overview


The TC1305 combines two CMOS Low Dropout Regulators and a Microprocessor Monitor in a space-saving 10-Pin MSOP package. Designed specifically for battery-operated systems, the device’s CMOS construction eliminates wasted ground current, significantly extending battery life. Total supply current is typically 120µA at full load, 20 to 60 times lower than in bipolar regulators! The TC1305 features selectable output voltages for higher design flexibility. The tri-state SELECT pin allows the user to select VOUT1 and VOUT2from 3 different values (2.5V, 2.8V and 3.0V). An active low RESET is asserted when the detected voltage (VDET) falls below the 2.63V reset voltage threshold. The RESET output remains low for 300msec (typical) after VDET rises above the reset threshold. When the shutdown controls (SHDN1 and SHDN2) are low, the regulator output voltages fall to zero, RESET output remains valid and supply current is reduced to 20µA (typ.). Other key features for the device include ultra low-noise operation, fast response to step changes in load, and very low dropout voltage (typically 240mV at full load). The device also incorporates both over-temperature and over-current protection. Each regulator is stable with an output capacitor of only 1µF and has a maximum output current of 150mA. The 1305 is featured in a 10-pin MSOP package with selective output voltages.

Additional Features
    (*Each channel (for Dual and Quad LDOs))
  • Extremely Low Supply Current for Longer Battery Life!
  • SelectMode™: Selectable Output Voltages for High Design Flexibility
  • Very Low Dropout Voltage
  • 10µsec (Typ.) Wake Up Time from SHDN
  • Guaranteed 150mA Output Current
  • High Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Power-Saving Shutdown Mode
  • RESET Output Can Be Used as a Low Battery
  • Detector or Processor Reset Generator
  • Over-Current and Over-Temperature Protection


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