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Device Overview


OS81110 is available for following applications

• MOST150 Coaxial Networks (MOST150 cPHY) in conjuction with OS82150
• MOST150 Optical Networks (MOST150 oPHY)

General Description

The OS81110 is a Single Network Port highly integrated Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) for the 150 Mbps MOST Network (MOST150) with support for both optical physical layers (oPHY) and coaxial (coax) (*) physical layers (cPHY) that can efficiently handle audio, video, packet, and control data for infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The classic ring topology with dual-simplex communication is supported by oPHY and cPHY. The support of cPHY is enabled with the use of the external transceiver IC OS82150.

The OS81110 offers following state-of-the-art industry standards as user interfaces: I2C, Streaming Port, MediaLB, SPI, TSI. From software side, it is compatible with MOST NetServices.

INIC provides encapsulation of all low-level functions necessary to develop a MOST-compliant device, significantly simplifying MOST implementation in a node. Supervision of the application is also provided, including a protection mode that is entered when an application is not present (i.e. start-up) or the External Host Controller (EHC) malfunctions. This protection mode prevents application malfunctions from influencing the integrity of the network and the system.

INIC includes the INIC Software Stack, which provides MOST-compliant real-time behavior. Integration of the INIC Software Stack significantly relieves the EHC from real-time processing tasks.

The INIC makes a MOST device accessible according to the rules of the MOST Specification, even without participation from the External Host Controller (EHC). The INIC provides a message-based interface for control and packet data. Configuration is encapsulated within a Function Block (FBlock INIC), which allows the EHC to manage INIC in the same way as other functions in the system.

To purchase the OS81110 or obtain additional information, please contact anyMicrochip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor.




For product comparison, please consider: OS81118, OS81119

Additional Features
  • 150 Mbits/s MOST network bandwidth
  • Intelligent Network Interface Controller architecture that provides a complete network interface on a single chip
  • Offers two network ports
  • LVDS interfaces for FOTs
  • With external coaxial transceiver it supports dual-simplex communication
  • Enables ring topology with dual-simplex communication on oPhy and cPhy
  • Supports legacy Ring Break Diagnosis on oPhy and dual-simplex cPhy
  • Synchronous audio streams
  • Isochronous audio/video streams such as (MPEG, H-264)
  • Ethernet packets for TCP/IP-based applications
  • IEEE MAC addressing by using MOST Ethernet Packets (MEPs)
  • MOST High packets for lean file transfer to small micro controllers with small memory
  • Clock distribution over the network
  • Flexible management of available bandwidth
  • Network protection mode
  • Hardware and application watchdog timer
  • Intelligent muting
  • High-speed differential mode
  • Legacy single-ended mode
  • Supports the exchange of Audio/Video Packetized Isochronous Streaming data
  • Two serial data pins per port
  • Capable of routing streaming  data in industry standard formats
  • Sequential mode with max. 512xFs on each of the four streaming port pins available
  • Operating voltages: 1.8 V/3.3 V
  • 48-pin QFN (7x7 mmxmm)
  • Lead-free, RoHS-compliant package
  • Ambient Temperature range: -40 °C to +105 °C
Speed Grade
150 Mbps
PHY Type
optical, coax (*)
I2C, I2S, MediaLB, SPI, TSI
Content Protection Support
with companion IC
Operating Voltage (V)
Temperature Range (C*)(Junction)
-40 to 105


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