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Configuration Options for the USB58xx and USB59xx
Andrew Rogers
The Microchip USB58xx/USB59xx are a family of highly customizable USB 3.1 Gen 1 hubs. These configuration options are modifiable through any of the following methods: ?SMBus: SMBus configuration of the hub must be completed every time hub is powered-on or reset. ?OTP Memory: The USB58xx/USB59xx have 8 kB of internal One-Time Programmable memory. Configuration settings made via OTP memory writes are permanent and may only be undone by a subsequent OTP write with the default configuration setting. ?SPI ROM: An external SPI ROM loaded with an image of the hub?s base firmware may be used for configuration settings. The the external SPI ROM emulates the operation of the firmware executing from the hub?s internal ROM. Configuration settings added to the base firmware image executing from the SPI ROM emulate the operation of the hub?s OTP memory, but have the advantage of being written and erased an unlimited number of times. ?USB Command: All registers can be accessed via USB command while the hub is enumerated to a USB host.
AN2316, USB58xx/USB59xx, DS00002316A, 00002316A, DS-00002316A, DS00002316, DS-00002316, 00002316
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