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Smart IoT Wireless Sensor Node using XMEGA® AU MCU and LoRa Technology
The IoT applications requires lower power consumption, secure communication, and extended wireless communication range of connected devices. This enables the IoT systems to cover a wider area while being very power efficient, which in turn helps to achieve longer battery life. This application note highlights the important features of the AVR® XMEGA® AU family of MCUs, which are essential for generic IoT applications. Also, it discusses about the smart IoT wireless sensor node developed using Microchip's XMEGA AU MCU and RN2483 LoRa Transceiver module. The AVR XMEGA AU family of MCUs are peripheral rich, high performance, and low-power 8-bit microcontroller devices. The picoPower® technology and hardware crypto module of XMEGA AU MCUs enable the systems to achieve low-power consumption, encrypted communication, and secure data storage, which is crucial for several IoT applications. The LoRa® technology is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), with key characteristics like wider coverage, lower bandwidth, small packet, and application layer data sizes and long battery life operation. The LoRaWAN network protocol targets key requirements of IoT such as secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services. The combination of the Microchip AVR XMEGA AU family of MCU devices and LoRa wireless transceiver modules offers key features such as low data rate, longer communication range, low power consumption, and a secure and efficient network which are ideal for IoT applications. The associated package includes demo firmware for the sensor node, realized using Microchip ATXmega256A3BU MCU.
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