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Implementing a LIN Slave Node on a PIC18F1320
Ross M. Fosler

This application note presents a LIN slave driver for the PIC18F1320 using the Enhanced USART (EAUSART) module. There are many details to this firmware design; however, this application note focuses mainly on how to set up and use the driver. Therefore, the LIN system designer should be able to get an application running on LIN quickly without spending a significant amount of time on the details of LIN.

Many details about the firmware design are provided at the end of this document for the curious designer who wants to learn a little more about LIN and this driver implementation.

The information in this application note is presented with the assumption that the reader is familiar with LIN specification v1.2, the most current specification available at the time this document was written. Therefore, not all details about LIN are discussed. Refer to the References section of this document for additional information.

EUSART, LIN (Local Interconnect Network), Slave Communication
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